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Claire and Ray, married in their back garden.

Service: Floristry, Styling, Prop hire

Claire and Ray were originally to be married in a barn with 120 guests until Covid changed their plans. However, rather than postponing they decided to get married in Claire's garden. They decided to keep as much of their original plans as possible, not compromising on their dream wedding, and it was the most perfect day. 

Flowers were an important part of their day as they were keen to turn their garden into a dreamy wedding with the wow factor. Bright, joyous flowers were their choice and, boy, did we bring the blooms.

Luscious swatches of eucalyptus, brought to life with bright summer flowers adorned the beautiful Virginias Vintage tables. Our brass candlestick collection added warmth and subtle light in the evening.

We also created a focal feature hanging display and a floral backdrop decorating their bespoke 'Let the adventure begin..' sign.

Beautiful photos by Emma Lawson Photography

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